Mediaprint tiskara Hrastić

About us

In 1980 a vision was born…

Quality, deadline, price – three basic factors of our proven success are present from the start… This vision lasts for the second generation …

Hrastić Mediaprint- Printing was established in 1990 and it emerged from the Grafoprodukt, graphic trade founded in the mid 80's of the past century under the leadership of a graphic engineer Darko Hrastić.

Year after year, with great effort and knowledge invested, from a small house working with a small desktop offset printing it slowly turns into a serious competition in the field of medium size printing house.

In 1998, at the current address, the printing house buys land (4000m²) for the construction of the entire office space area of 1000m², and in 2000, by investing in more modern basic equipment it increases productivity and quality in order to be more competitive on the market.

The future of the printing house is based on continued investment in modern and automated technology and the employment of highly skilled staff with fostering a family business model.