Mediaprint tiskara Hrastić

Instructions for creating a PDF

CTP preparation

To ensure the accuracy of the data releases, we want to use this opportunity to raise few rules for creating PDF files and how to send them:

  • All images must be 300 dpi in resolution, in CMYK without ICC profile.
  • It is recommended to create a PDF from Post Script (PS).
  • Each side must be centered and bleed at least 3 mm on all four sides.
  • The texts that are in black should be in one color (100% K); black color has to be "overprint".
  • It would be helpful if the PDF was made one at a time (not more pages in a PDF), because with all other options when sending corrections there are problems with the removal of the old page.

Basic parameters

Format: PDF 1.3 (Acrobat 4.0)
Color: CMYK (except for the use of spot colors in separate channels)
Profile: no ICC profiles
Resolution: 300 dpi minimum
Bleed: 3 mm on all sides